10 Auto Buying Tips

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Auto Buying Tips

  • Shop on Sunday, or after hours, when there are not salesmen to pressure you.
  • Work with CFCU or use our loan calculator to determine the monthly car payment or total amount of financing your budget can allow.
  • Call the credit union to determine the fair market value of the vehicle you are interested in buying.
  • Information on average NADA trade-in value of your used car is available through CFCU. Very often you will get more for your used car if you can sell it outright.
  • Shop at least two dealerships and ask both to give you their best deal in writing. Don't sign anything until you compare the prices and sleep on it.
  • Get a pre-approved simple interest loan from CFCU. A pre-approved loan is like shopping with cash in hand. Use our on-line loan application to get pre-approved today!
  • Buying at the end of the month or week is often the best; the dealer will have quotas to meet.
  • A simple interest credit union loan is the best value. Make the dealership aware that you are a credit union member and have simple interest financing available. Don't finance with any lender that uses the Rule of 78 for calculating auto financing interest.
  • CFCU can help by providing all of the information you need in an relaxed, unbiased atmosphere. The credit union is owned by YOU. You're not just a customer, but a member and an owner.
  • When in doubt, don't. Everything is negotiable; the best deal is worth the wait.


*These tips do not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice.