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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is my PIN number?

To change your PIN, or if you have questions, please use the Starline automated system at 800.522.3535.

What is my routing number?

CFCU’s routing number is 303085476

How do I change the address CFCU has on file?

Follow the directions listed here.  For security reasons, we cannot accept address changes via email. 

I can't log in to mobile or online banking. What do I do?

Contact your local branch. Branch phone numbers can be found here.

My card was lost/stolen. What do I do?

During business hours, call your local branch immediately to put a hold on your card. Branch phone numbers can be found here. If it is after hours, call 800.522.3535 and follow the prompts. 

How do I set up automatic payment for my loan?

Contact your local branch for assistance. Branch phone numbers can be found here.

Can I make a CFCU loan payment from my account with a different financial institution or with a credit card?

Yes! Follow the directions listed here.

I'm unable to make my upcoming loan payment. What do I do? 

Contact your local branch ASAP and let them know. Branch phone numbers can be found here. In some instances, CFCU will be able to work with you on your payment schedule.