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New Online Banking FAQs


Why is the credit union changing the Online Banking system?

CFCU is committed to offering new ways to help our members manage their finances more easily. Our new Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay system offers enhanced security, more features, more conveniences, and more control for members who wish to bank and pay bills online.

When will the new Online Banking and Bill Pay be available?

The new Online Banking, Mobile App and Bill Pay system launches September 22, 2015.  

What is different about the new Online Banking and Bill Pay system?

The new Online Banking and Bill Pay system offers new features to make banking and paying bills online easier and more convenient. These features include:

  • New Design - a clean new look that makes it easy for you to easily access the services you need.
  • Enhanced Security – Rather than using your member number and PIN, a new User ID and Password keeps your account more secure.
  • You will now see all of your accounts when you sign in, rather than having a separate login for each CFCU membership.
  • Quick Links - You can pay bills and make transfers in seconds.
  • Better communication with us. If you have a question about a specific transaction, you can communicate securely with our Customer Service Center during normal operating hours to get it answered by simply clicking on the “inquiry” envelope next to the transaction in question.

Online Banking

Will you convert my accounts to the new system?

Yes. your accounts will be migrated to the new system automatically. However, your login information will change. Click here for assistance determining your new User ID and Password. 

Do I have to re-register for the new Online Banking?

In most cases, no. You will need to set up a new User ID and Password.

Will I use the same User ID and Password to access my accounts?

Once your new login is created, you will use this to access your accounts for online and mobile banking.

Will I still use my old PIN for any services?
Yes- Your PIN will still be used for Starline and ATM/Debit Card transactions. If you ever need to update your PIN, you can do so via the Starline voice response system.

Will joint owners and signers be able to access accounts on the new system?

Yes - Joint owners and signers can register as first-time users and have their own secure login. Joint owners have full access to see and perform transactions on any accounts they own jointly with the primary member. If you do not want a joint owner on your membership having access to accounts they own jointly, they need to remove themselves from the account prior to September 22, 2015.

How do I set up account transfers from my external accounts?

In order to set up account to account transfers you will need to have a CFCU checking account established. Once you log in to online banking, you will click the 'Pay Bills' links, then click 'Transfer Money' on the green navigation bar. From here you will see a link on the left side of the page to 'Add an Account'.  Click this link and follow the steps in order to add an external account.







Is the new Online Banking system still secure?

Yes - We have added additional security with our new system. At your initial log in, you will be required to set up your own password and challenge questions. These challenge questions will help us confirm your identity and keep your accounts secure.

Will there be a cost for the new features?

Most online banking features will continue to be free. However there may be fees associated with popmoney™ peer-to-peer transfers.

Will I have uninterrupted access to my accounts?

During the upgrade, most features of the current system will remain available. There will be a short window when you will not have access to online or mobile banking in the early morning hours on September 22, 2015. You will be able to log in, view your balances, transfer funds and make payments to accounts. Beginning September 18, 2015, you will not be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Access the BillPay tab
  • Change your username, password or challenge questions
  • Add, edit or delete scheduled transfers
  • Register as a new online banking user

These features will be accessible in the new system on September 22, 2015.

How do I access Estatements in the new Online Banking system?

Once you sign in,simply click an account tile. Once the account page loads, click Statements to the right of the account tile at the top of the page.

My accounts are out of order. How do I change this?

In our new system, accounts are displayed in a default order. You can change the account description by giving it a nickname in the Settings link under Accounts. Click on the account title you wish to update, enter the nickname and click save.

If have automatic deposits from my employer/social security/an external financial institution to my CFCU account. Will these be affected by the change?

No - these will not be impacted. This change is only to our online and mobile systems, so anything from a 3rd party will not be impacted.

I have automatic withdrawals set up for things such as my house payments, utility bills and insurance. These were set up through the 3rd party. Will they be impacted?

No - payments originated by a 3rd party will be impacted by this transition.

I have an account to account transfer that I set up between another bank that I have and CFCU. I set this up myself through the current CFCU online banking site. Will this be impacted?

Yes - for security reasons, because we are transitioning to a new system, you will have to re-establish these after the 22nd on the new online banking system. This transition only impacts Account to Account transfers that were set up by you through the current online banking system.

Online Bill Pay

Will my bill payees carry over after the conversion?

All of your payees should transfer over. However, in rare cases, payees may not be converted successfully. We encourage you to make a list of payees for your reference prior to September 18, 2015.

Will my bill payment history carry over after the conversion?

Unfortunately, payment history will not be carried over to the new system. Paid bills will appear in your account history, but not in Online Bill Pay History. You can, however, retain Bill Pay history by downloading history to Quicken, Microsoft Excel or CSV file. We encourage you to download payment history as needed prior to September 22, 2015.

Will the new system store bill payment history?

Yes - Beginning September 22, 2015, the new system will retain bill pay history going forward.

Will the new system make any payments I have scheduled for after the conversion date?

Yes - Provided that we are able to convert the appropriate payees. We encourage you to review all of your payees and pending payments on September 22, 2015.

How do I get assistance?

You can get assistance any number of ways. Online Banking offers secure communication with our online Customer Service Center. This is ideal if you have a question about a particular transaction. You can also get assistance through easily accessible Help screens, or by calling our Member Service Center at 844.231.6818.