Youth Savings Accounts

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Save For Their Future At CFCU

Do you have children or grandchildren? If the answer is yes, then you understand the importance of providing a secure future for them. One of the best ways to provide for their financial future is through savings. Even a little put away each pay period can build up to a sizable amount over time. A savings account is a great way to supplement other saving strategies, and as your child grows older, it can be a valuable tool used to help teach financial basics.

Funds saved today can help pay for things like:

  • Books & school supplies
  • School trips
  • Medical expenses
  • First car
  • College tuition
  • Emergencies

A savings account can be opened for a child at any age. Below are some of the items you'll need before you begin the process to start a savings account.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Child's social security card or birth certificate

Start Their Savings

You must be 18 years or older to serve as joint owner for the account. You can start your child's savings account by visiting your local CFCU branch. If you have questions, please call 800.522.3535.