Storm Shelter Loans

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Life Saving Storm Shelter Loans

Communication Federal Credit Union wants you and your family to have a safe, convenient location when storms are near. Two years ago we started a storm shelter program to help our members acquire the life-saving shelters that are so desperately needed. Recently, we've decided to lower our rate in order to make shelters even more affordable to everyone.

We are currently offering homeowners storm shelter loans at 0.75% APR* for qualified borrowers. This is NOT an introductory rate; 0.75% APR* will be your rate for the term of the loan.

We will work with you on the term so the payment will fit your budget. If you're not a member and want to take advantage of this offer, you can learn how to open an account online or contact us for more information on opening a new account. We have locations across Oklahoma and Kansas. Feel free to stop by any of our branches and our CFCU staff will be happy to help you.

Shelter Payment Table

Payment Examples: Based on a $3,500 loan at 0.75% APR.

TermsMonthly Payment**
2 years$147
3 years$99

Call us today at 800.654.LOAN or visit your local branch for details. You can also apply online today for a Communication Federal Credit Union storm shelter loan. 


*Annual Percentage Rate.

**Payment amount based on a $3,500 loan at 0.75% APR*.