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Make Your Loan Payments Online

We're excited to introduce our new online payment center. This secure online form will allow you to easily make CFCU loan payments from any of your accounts with other financial institutions using your checking, savings, Visa debit, MasterCard or Discover. If you do not use CFCU online banking, this is a great, quick and easy alternative to make your payments.

There is a small convenience fee of $9.95 when you use the online web payment center. You also have the option of setting up online banking with CFCU. This method will allow you to transfer funds from accounts at other financial institutions to your CFCU account and then make payments. There is no fee associated with online banking, but it takes slightly more time to initiate and process.

If you would like to register so you can quickly and easily make your CFCU loan payment from an external account, please click the button below. If you have questions, please call 800.522.3535 or visit any CFCU branch.

Important: We have recently upgraded the online loan payment site. Because of this transition you may be required to update your password. Please call CFCU Loan Servicing at 800.522.3535 if you encounter any issues or have additional questions.

Important: The payment form cannot be used to make mortgage payments or payments to your CFCU credit card.